About Our Brand

At Niko Ineko we want you to be able to wear your beliefs.  We wanted to help by creating a quality line of handbags that’s sustainable, animal-free, made of recyclable materials and ethically manufactured. Evergreen is a single collection that’s made to last in your wardrobe for seasons to come. The goal of this collection was to create designs that are on trend but with longevity inspired by the Southwest, with feline and equestrian details.

We are not fast fashion. Niko Ineko reduces waste by having one carefully curated collection that doesn’t change with the season. When we consider new designs we come to you for feedback, and test market in small batches so that we don’t overproduce. This also gives us time to test our bags in several stages to ensure quality.

We use high quality polyurethane as the main material for our bags after one of the partners of Niko Ineko, a biochemist, recommended this as being a more durable and recyclable option. This gives the bags a soft, pliable feel that is more resilient to wear and weather.

We meticulously source manufacturers to ensure ethical labor rights, health & safety for factory workers and regularly monitored by 3rd party inspectors. All our products are made by skilled workers, not sweatshops or child labor.

Niko Ineko partners with causes that share our values around conservation and animal welfare. See our Instagram for our latest news.

Wear your spirit, wear your beliefs.


About Our Designer, Stella Chang

The designer for Niko Ineko is Stella Chang. Stella has designed for the likes of Coach, Kate Spade and Rag and Bone and ensures that Niko Ineko meets the same high standards of quality in design and manufacturing. She is an accessories designer, multimedia artist and patron of wildlife conservation causes. Having grown up in three countries: Taiwan, Canada and the US, and acquiring a fine arts background in different mediums lead to designing with a broader perspective and blending of different tastes.