About Our Brand

At Niko Ineko we want you to be able to wear your beliefs.  We wanted to help by creating a quality line of handbags that’s sustainable, animal-free, made of recyclable materials and ethically manufactured. We have a single collection that’s made to last in your wardrobe for seasons to come.

We are not fast fashion. We listen to your feedback, take time to test our bags in action to continually improve our products. We also come to you first with new designs and test sales in small batches for carefully curated new products.

Wear your spirit, wear your beliefs.


Stella Chang

The designer for Niko Ineko is Stella Chang. Stella has designed for the likes of Coach, Kate Spade and Rag and Bone and ensures that Niko Ineko meets the same high standards of quality in design and manufacturing. She is an accessories designer, multimedia artist and patron of wildlife conservation causes. Having grown up in three countries: Taiwan, Canada and the US, and acquiring a fine arts background in different mediums lead to designing with a broader perspective and blending of different tastes—the results of which are styles with a strong point of view and longevity.